KAMULA LAW GROUP Strategic Business Consulting...The Intersection of Thought and Action

Professional Services

  • Business Structure
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Contractual Dynamics
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Strategic Business
  • Wealth Preservation
  • Entreprenurial &
    Business Mentoring
  • Law Student Mentoring
  • Business Law
  • Civil Law
  • Real Estate
  • Corporate and Incorporation
  • Contracts/Agreements
  • Admiralty/Maritime

Practice Areas

  • Business Structure:

    • Issues
    • Formation
    • Implementation
  • Contractual Dynamics:

    • Drafting Contracts
  • Strategic Business Consulting:

    • Initial to Advanced Business Concerns
    • Business Financing
  • Entrepreneurial & Business Mentoring:

    • Guidance for Business Growth
  • Corporate Compliance:

    • Issues
    • Documentation
    • Filings
  • Commercial Real Estate:

    • Purchase
    • Ownership
    • Disposition
  • Wealth Preservation:

    • Formation
    • Growth
  • Law Student Mentoring:

    • Transitioning from Student to Attorney
Practice Areas

Mission Statement

At Kamula Law Group our mission is to provide compassionate, knowledgeable, and cost effective legal services and guidance to satisfy our clients’ demands for sophisticated legal representation in an efficient and expedient manner. We offer this unique brand of legal support to our clients - both large and small, who need and deserve our services.

Kamula Law Group’s commitment to our clients is based upon our sincere interest in our clients’ welfare. This interest continually motivates us to find practical and timely solutions to their problems and concerns.

Kamula Law Group recognizes that every client is unique with challenges and issues important to them. We take special care to tailor the representation of each of our clients to fit each client’s specific needs and objectives, in both the long and short term.

The lawyer-client relationship is an exceptional one. It is based upon trust, respect, discretion, and absolute confidentiality. Being a Boutique Firm, our lawyers are accessible and approachable. We are committed to offering clear, practical advice to each client, and promptly attending to each client’s calls, inquiries, and needs. We pride ourselves on being effective communicators, as well as good listeners. Communication is a two-way process, developed over time between attorney and client, resulting in a firm foundation that creates lasting value for the client.

By honoring the attorney-client relationship, by practicing our philosophy of client service, and by achieving exemplary results, we meet the high standards we have set for ourselves in representing our individual and business clientele.

We have followed this business viewpoint since we began the law firm. As a result, Kamula Law Group has established a reputation and a passion for excellence. Our dedication to practicing law in a manner both personal and professional has brought us many return clients and referrals. The Kamula Law Group looks forward to welcoming you as part of our tradition of service to our clients.

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