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Matthew Roman Kamula

The Kamula Law Group is a boutique law firm serving clients in California and Florida. Our attorneys are dedicated to providing clients with a wide range of customized and distinctive solutions. We understand that each client’s needs are unique and thereby require an innovative and targeted approach. Concierge Level Service, Attention to Detail, and a Creative Outlook have earned Kamula Law Group respect and industry praise.
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Philosophy of the Kamula Law Group

The Kamula Law Group was formed on
the seven principles which Matthew believes are the cornerstone to his professional career: Honesty, Truth, Logic, Common Sense, Efficiency, Cost Effectiveness, and Value for the Money.

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Strategic Alliances

Financing, Insurance, Financial Planning, Real Estate Appraisal.

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Ask Matthew R. Kamula, Esq.

As a Business Owner, if you had ONE chance to ask Matthew R. Kamula, Esq. any question about structuring, planning and protecting your business, what would that question be?

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